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The LIMA-03 lithography system is a low-cost system for use in research and development for semiconductor and micro-device manufacturing.  


It keeps the lithography quality at the highest level, with its user-friendliness and low infrastructure cost, with its original design made by considering the outputs of the devices and equipment used in international platforms.


Lima-03 was designed and produced in accordance with the sample alignment pattern from 3 inch wafer size to 10x10mm piece according to standard lithography applications. It is a product that can be used in many areas with micro-size patterning.

LİMA-03 can work with various exposure options according to the needs. It allows patterning with the required resolution with soft-hard and remote contact modes. Lima-03 uses more compact UV-LED technology instead of old Hg lamps. It shows <7% homogeneity within 80mmx80mm area with exposure optics. The optical axis has an angle of less than 2 degrees.


Alignment options with Microscope and Camera

- Specially designed high homogeneous illumination optics system

- Semi-automatic motorized stage using joystick

- Lithography process from 10mmx10mm sample size to 3 inch wafer

- Electromechanical WEC system

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