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Characterization and Test Systems

Another point that must work with production in semiconductor device technologies is the characterization and testing stages.  The test and characterization processes that are produced or carried out in the studies at the R&D stage are the communication points of the product or device tested with the engineers. With the right measurements and data, the points required for the development of the device, the missing and good points, the quality, etc. are determined and the products inform the users or engineers in this way. 

  As Lithorum Microtechnologies, different types of products developed especially in R&D stages  With our experience in device characterization and reporting, we determine and manufacture labview-based measurement systems according to needs.  


  • Pulsed IV Gate-Lag measuring system 

  • Photodetector characterization and reporting system

  • IV-CV measurement systems 

  • probe station

Pulsed IV Gate-Lag Measurement System 

Pulsed IV measurement system designed to characterize the trap effect of wide-bandgap AlGaN/GaN high-action electron carrier transistors (HEMT).

Photodetector Characterization and Reporting System

The photodetector characterization system performs the tests and characterizations of mass-produced photodetectors in the climatic cabinet in accordance with military standards and prepares a report for the product end per device. 

It provides wide range and high precision testing and analysis for the system designed according to special requirements with a capacity of 50 devices.

fotodedetktör copy.jpg
IV-CV Measurement Systems 

IV-CV measurements are produced with Labview-based control and data acquisition software, by selecting the device and equipment specifically for the device or component to be characterized, rather than systems with standard spectra. 

In addition, we can design and manufacture systems that you can use in a wide range of ranges and sensitivities that you specify.

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Probe Station

Our manual probe stations are designed and manufactured for precise analysis for substrates from the smallest sample size to 300mm. It provides electrical measurement by touching the 2.4 um contact areas with probe needles under the microscope.

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