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Why Lithography ?

Device manufacturing cannot be performed with single-layer thin films. For the production of semiconductor devices such as transistors, LEDs, photodetectors, cameras, it is obligatory to apply coating or etching processes by patterning the substrate (wafer) and layers. 

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Characterization and Test Systems

Another point that must work together with production in semiconductor device technologies is the characterization and testing stages.  The test and characterization processes that are produced or carried out in the studies at the R&D stage are the communication points of the product or device tested with the engineers. 

Thin Film Coating Systems

Thin film coating is the basis of nano-micro technology. Thin film thickness is the name given to various layer materials ranging from nanometers to micrometers. It is one of the preferred methods in many areas that require surface engineering such as electronic device production, optical coatings and photovoltaic applications.

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  • optomechanics

  • Desiccators

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