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Thin Film Coating Systems

Thin film coating is the basis of nano-micro technology. Thin film thickness is the name given to various layer materials ranging from nanometers to micrometers. It is one of the preferred methods in many areas that require surface engineering such as electronic device production, optical coatings and photovoltaic applications. In thin-film technology, there are many thin-film coating methods and, accordingly, many coating systems. 

As Lithorium Mikrotechnologies, we continue our R&D studies for the production and diversification of coating systems. 

  • Spin Coating Systems

  • Electroplating Pulse

Spin Coating Systems

Spin coating is based on the principle of forming a thin film on the surface by rotating the fluid material applied to the surface of materials such as flat surfaces and wafers at high speeds.  

Spin coater is a widely used and versatile technique for laying thin films on a substrate or flat material surface with accurate and controllable film thicknesses.


Electro Coating

Electroplating systems are used quite often when manufacturing semiconductor devices. Especially in thick contact coatings, in processes such as nickel and indium bump coating, coating homogeneity is increased with an impact driver for homogeneous coating. In the system, an optimized coating tank design is presented together with wafer holders with o-rings suitable for electrical contact.

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