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Spin coaters are systems used to coat homogeneous thin films on flat samples. The coating material, which is applied in a small amount to the center of the sample surface placed in the system, is rotated at speeds up to 10k rpm and laid on the sample surface.

The rotation process is continued until the film reaches the desired thickness. Minimum film thicknesses are generally dependent on the viscosity and concentration of the material.  


The spin coating cycle consists of four basic stages: placing, spinning, spinning and evaporation. First, a solution is poured onto the substrate using a pipette or a syringe pump. The solution is then pushed outward by the centripetal force, covering the surface of the substrate. At this point, most of the excess solution is discarded and the airflow begins to dry the film. Finally, in the final stage with a separate cooking process, the solvent evaporates, leaving a thin, uniform film behind.

The L Spin-04 spin coater is ideal for thin film preparation. It allows you to homogeneously coat your photoresist, polymer, solution, etc. materials on the sample surface with vacuum sample holders in different shapes, from 5mmx5mm sample size to 4 inch diameter samples.

  • Rotation speed: 200-12000rpm

  • Vacuum sample holders:  Different sample holders for sample sizes 5-100mm

  • Possibility to save 20 recipes consisting of 10 programmable steps

  • Easy control with 5 inch touch screen for all functions

  • Removable and washable high chemical resistant PTFE coating chamber

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